Thursday, March 30, 2017

March '17

Hours this month-11
Hours total- 15

So the fun of Mardi Gras and spring break have passed here in NOLA and its been straight back to work in the program. This month we took the Med Pharm shelf exam which was a comprehensive exam covering all the topics we have studied from July until now. Prepping for the exam was a lot of work but I think it paid off though it will be a few weeks until we get our scores back. Other than the shelf we also had our second cell control exam. Coming up in the next month we only have one more exam for cell control and then thats it for exams! It's hard to believe it will be our last.

This month has been a slow month for volunteering with CRCL's coastal restoration due to bad weather cancellations. In the meantime I participated in a really cool volunteering event with the children's museum doing science experiments with elementary students. I also started volunteering at St. Margaret's Hospice here in New Orleans it's been a great experience so far and it is definitely something I can see myself doing longterm. Specifically I have been volunteering in their ALS residence which is provided for by Team Gleason an organization started after former Saints' safety Steve Gleason was diagnosed with ALS and it raises money to fund treatment and care to ALS patients as well as raise public awareness for a disease that is rarely talked about.

Next month I'm looking forward to continuing volunteering at St. Margaret's as well as participate in an upcoming planting event for CRCL.

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