Tuesday, February 28, 2017


It's Mardi Gras day 2k17! We are currently on our spring break this week and have all been having so much fun in the city at the Mardi Gras parades together! During this month we had another PBL and our second TBL for the reproductive and endocrine blocks. We also had two block exams so this being a short month has been a very busy one in the program! It has been such a nice change of pace to celebrate the ending of Principles, Med Pharm and our last block together now that we are on spring break and that its Carnival season!

So far this month I have participated in one service event with CRCL which was a lot of fun. All the volunteers gathered in Buras, LA which is one of the most southern points of Louisiana to gather up oyster shells to place on the shorelines in an effort to preserve the coastline and prevent erosion. Next month will have a lot more in store for me volunteering as our schedule will be much lighter after the shelf exam for Med Pharm.

Coming up in the program is our Shelf exam for Med Pharm and though we are done with Principles and Med Pharm we will still have tests in Cell Control and continue to have the rest of our classes. The semester is quickly coming to an end, and it is very bittersweet as we have all become such good friends but I look forward to everything thats to come this semester and the future.

Hours this month- 4
Hours this semester- 4