Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017!!

We were very fortunate to have a quick break between semesters to unwind, spend time with our families back home, and prepare for Spring. This semester took no time to get started, immediately we began four new classes on top of Med Pharm, Principles, Advances, and Seminar. So far the new classes we have been introduced to are Cell Control Mechanisms, Advanced Topics in Cardiobiology, Environmental Signaling, and Endocrine Pharm. Sounds like a lot, but so far has proven to slightly less intense than what I was expecting!
This semester is really all about time management and for a lot of us its a big task as we prepare for the shelf exam and prep for the MCAT. As for me, I recently started doing research in the genetics department which has been great but has made my free time more limited.
We recently took our first block exam of the semester in Neurology and are now working through the Psychology block. Something this month and in this block that I really appreciated and found fascinating was a patient interview session in Med Pharm today. It was an unique and enlightening experience where a patient spoke to us about her condition and I think made many of us feel inspired and excited to continue to pursue careers in medicine.
So far, I have yet to get started on my service hours this semester but plan to get started following our next exam. I am excited for everything to come this semester and all the opportunities we will be given, but at this pace it will all be over before we know it!

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